Discover how we can assist you in finding and hiring the right talent for your needs.

The traditional approach to hiring involves several steps: identifying the need for new talent, searching for candidates, finding potential hires, evaluating and assessing their qualifications, and ultimately making a selection. With our platform, you can bypass the first few steps and move directly to the evaluation phase as soon as you begin your search. This can save you time and effort in the hiring process.


Use our platform to gain real-time insights on the most qualified candidates for open job positions.

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Publish job openings and let skilled hackers apply, or personally invite the most talented candidates to apply.

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Once a job post is published you instantly receive real time insights on the most appropriate candidates based on public available security challenges completed by hackers

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Assess the hackers who applied for the job and decide which ones are the best match for the position.

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Determine the percentile of hackers who applied for the job and compare it against the most relevant topics for the position.

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Evaluate the skills of the hacker and compare them to the skills of the team he would join if hired.

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Create a set of security challenges for hackers to participate in, choosing from existing public challenges or creating your own custom ones. Invite hackers to take part in your game and gain real-time insights on their performance.

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