Enjoy the platform by playing a lot of challenges


Find the vulnerability and injection vetors in source code


Exploit the memory error in binary and retrieve the flag


Reverse the assembly blocks and find out what the function does


Examine network traffic to gain an understanding of the type of attack being carried out


Practice using regular expressions on various types of input text


Debug the binary and attempt to uncover the flag by analyzing its memory footprint


Exploit a web application and capture the flag


Identify the algorithm to solve the problem within your preferred programming language


Evaluate the behavior of the malware and determine if it poses a threat


Scripting (find the largest file in the filesystem)

Coming soon

Examine a breached system to identify the traces of compromise.

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...and land your dream job by succesfully completing them

  • View job postings and see how well you fit the requirements based on the points you earned from completing challenges.
  • Stand out among your peers and potentially attract the attention of recruiters looking for top talent.
  • Earn badges to showcase your skills and abilities to potential recruiters.
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Why Hackerbase

Explore job listings and assess your compatibility with the position based on the points you've accumulated from completing various challenges. Distinguish yourself from other applicants and potentially draw the interest of recruiters seeking exceptional candidates. Earn badges to exhibit your competencies and expertise to potential employers.

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Each challenge can be played multiple times and will not be the same each time it is played.


Compete with other hackers and showcase your skills and abilities.


By completing cybersecurity challenges, you can earn badges that serve as proof of your accomplishments.


On our platform, you remain anonymous unless you apply for a job.


Got any questions?

Who is eligible to join Hackerbase?

To join Hackerbase, individuals should be computer security students, young professionals, or individuals seeking employment in the field of cybersecurity. In any case you should be passionate about cyber security

How much does it cost?

Hackerbase is a free platform for cyber security talents, with no fees or charges for using the service. Additionally, there are no costs associated with finding a job through Hackerbase. It is completely free for hackers to use.

Is it possible to conceal my profile from my current or previous employer on Hackerbase?

On Hackerbase, users are always anonymous and are only identified by their pseudonym. When applying for a job with a company, the company will be able to see the hackers' full profile. However, until the user applies for a job, the company will only be able to see the pseudonym, the score on the subject and the badges earned

How does Hackerbase work?

  • Sign up and play some challenges

  • Earn badges and score points in different cyber security subjects

  • Check how you rank among your peers on the leaderboard in order to improve your chances of landing a job

  • Apply for a job and get interviewd

How many times can I try a challenge?

Test challenges can be repeated as many times as you like, but they do not contribute to earning badges or increasing your score; they are meant to get you acquainted with the challenge. Real challenges can only be attempted once. If you are not satisfied with your result, you may have to wait a certain amount of time, as specified in the challenge info panel, before you can retry it. If you feel that you have been unfairly treated by a challenge, you can request to retry the challenge through the form.

Do the points earned in a particular subject remain indefinitely?

Points and badges earned by completing challenges are not permanent and will expire after a certain period of time, as mentioned in the challenge info panel. When the expiration date is reached, the points will be lost and the challenge will have to be completed again in order to earn the points again

Is the number of points awarded for completing a challenge always the same?

No, the number of points awarded for completing a challenge is not always the same. The base points for completing a challenge all things being equal will be the same, but the total number of points awarded may also depend on the time you take to complete the challenge. The faster you complete the challenge, the more points you take per correct answer.